Sunday, 20 October 2013


 This is just going to be an uber quick outfit post from a day in London last week where I went to see some art installations, ate salted caramel frozen yoghurt (which was amazing), tried on numerous dresses, ended up buying a coat, drunk a cookies and cream milkshake (which tasted of childhood) and  got extremely lost in Selfridge's whilst trying to find the toilets, which was terrifying.
This is the coat I brought, which was from Topshop and reminds me a little of the movie Submarine. Last winter I wore my army jacket virtually every day so it's kind of nice to have something which is waterproof and not ridiculously heavy for this winter. I do not cope well with cold weather, mainly because I loathe taking buses and always walk everywhere. There was one day in December where my friend and I refused to cave in and get the bus and ended up walking through heavy snow in impractical shoes and no coats and were pretty certain we would die of hypothermia before we made it. No joke. There was also the time where some of us decided to go camping on what ended up being the coldest day of the year and someone actually got frostbite in her toes. So maybe this year I should actually be prepared for the winter.
My shoes are sort of visible here although I really need to take a close up because the painting on them is so beautifully detailed. Vintage shoes should have a little log book in the sole so you can find out who used to own them, because whoever painted these must have been pretty rad.
My CITIES ARE CALLING ME shirt is from H&M and the dress underneath is Warehouse. The shirt is weirdly similar to the Sibling one on the dummy in the background too.
Is it just me or has Blogger started completely murdering image quality? I've tried changing the compression code, which is what various websites recommend, but it seems to make it worse. I'm already missing the shade of pink my hair was. Also I kind of might be getting my nose pierced during the holidays if I'm brave enough.
Well, I guess it's now time to pump my brain full of caffeine and attempt to get some school work done. Thank god there's only a week left until half term which I have a few plans for and which will be a chance to catch up on sleep/reading and maybe posting on here.


Eryn said...

You are so groovy!!

Mattie said...

your shoes look awesome, I'd love to see them close up! I'm finding this with the quality too - my camera just broke and I can't afford a new one at the moment so at the moment I'm trying to use my already shitty phone camera, so mine are terrible!





Poppy said...

funky post xx

Cess said...

You look absolutely amazing. The coat does def remind me of the movie Submarine... I guess it's the slight awkward yet really cute and almost stylish nature of both the coat and the characters and just over all nature of Submarine... I also really like your shoes in all the pictures! Did you put stuff on them yourself?


Carla said...

your coat, it's so- so shiny!!!!! i want to see your shoes up close!

Sherry Chan said...

definitely wanna see a close-up of your shoes! they seem pretty rad!


Isabella Cantillano said...

Your outfit is lovely!

Lise said...

I really like your jacket! Yes, Blogger does weird things lately, you could use PNG images instead of JPG, Blogger always messes with JPGs.