Wednesday, 27 November 2013


 Hello! I've been too cold/bogged down with exams lately to really take any interesting pictures, so here are some of me looking cold at the park this weekend and one of my rabbit. School work is swamping me a little although my French speaking and Drama performance are over now which is a huge relief because they were both taking up a lot of brain space. I played an angsty teenager called Angela in the 1970s in the Drama piece and wore huge platform shoes which was super fun. My Drama group are going to see the stage show of Woman in Black next week which I'm slightly terrified about. I'll probably also start working towards mocks which are in January fairly soon so I probably won't be posting much. My textiles project is also just starting to get interesting and I'm still working on my sixth form application. It's all pretty stressful and I'm sort of dreading Christmas because of the amount of revision I need to get done over the holidays.
 This year is going crazily fast and I cannot fathom where the time since summer has gone.I spend most of my time by the fire with a gallon of coffee and a pile of blankets and I've started to work my way through Supernatural. On Sunday I ventured out to use a Topshop gift card and make the most of the piles of dry leaves in the park.
 The white thing on my necklace is a rabbit's foot brooch which I brought at a car boot and which my real rabbit probably wouldn't be too happy about.
 This weekend I'm going to London to buy fabric for my Textiles project and see some exhibitions so maybe I'll be able to post about that. Other than that I'm going to have to take a short internet break soon-ish because I'm frittering away far too much time on Tumblr etc at the moment.
So yep, that's it for now. Time to stop procrastinating and also TRY and get some sleep tonight (my brain will not let me sleep and it's driving me crazy.)


Hannah Mcintosh said...

Woman in Black was is really terrifying in theater hope your not sitting in the front row.

Amelia G said...

Don't worry, I didn't think Woman in Black was too spooky when I saw it - as long as you see it with some good pals! I've also just started watching Supernatural.. probs a bad idea considering it's good enough to stop me doing any work...

helloagatha said...

Good Luck Flower, I have so many exams in January too which I have already began flapping about.

Laura Morrigan said...

Good luck, sounds tiring!

I watched The Woman in Black at home, and I was still scared, and jumped and covered my face at one point, but I do believe in the supernatural, so it was scary to me.

your drama play sounds really fun.

I used to want stuffed birds and bird skeletons, now I have a pet bird and I don't want to traumatise him, so I can only have other animal skeletons, one day ha ha.

Sherry Chan said...

even though you are soooo busy, everything sounds fun! :) really hope you'll blog nore bc u take amazing photos!! btw, nice outfit in the photos!


X J said...

omg woman in black. I remember the class next to me in English watched it and we could continually hear screams from their room hahahaha
These photos are pretty in a gloomy nice way which I love xx

Georgia Leigh said...

I watched woman in black on valentine's day around when it came out thirdwheeling, while my bestfriend and her boyfriend watched it,and i was sat next to a goth couple that were laughing at me jumping all the time,not the best memory but it's still a decent film,you'll be fine!xx


Cait Tompkins said...

love your vintage docs.